Today is the last day of school.

Today we thank God for giving our son an amazing teacher who helped us in our struggle this school year.

If not for her understanding and compassion, I would have lost it. She kept the lines of communication open. She did what she could to help our son at school so that he wouldn’t come home bogged down in homework. She loved our son.

She did all this while being a great teacher to all the other kids too.

His resource room teacher was very supportive as well. He was good for our son. Our son enjoyed having a few minutes at the end of each school day to decompress and read a book with him.

And there are other teachers that we are thankful for, teachers who also made a difference in our son’s life this year. We are blessed by a wonderful staff at his school.

I wonder if they know what it meant to us that we didn’t have to worry about sending our son to school every day, knowing he had their full support and understanding. I wonder if they know how thankful we are for their patience with our son! I wonder if they know how it feels as a parent to have your child’s teachers validate you in your struggles and stand with you.

We are beyond grateful.