Laundry is never ending for any mom.

All you busy mamas out there know how it goes. It seems like you just got caught up on the laundry and already the hampers are full again.

When I go into my son’s room to get his dirty clothes, he typically has a stack of clothes in his hamper that are all folded still, which means instead of putting them away in his drawer, he put them back into the hamper.

Silly boy. He could at least rumple them up a little and make it look like he wore them. I would never know. I have 4 kids, I’m in survival mode here!

But he doesn’t rumple them up. So I’m left wondering several things.

First, I wonder if he’s discovered something that I have so desperately tried to keep secret. I wash his clothes with my daughter’s!!! If that secret were revealed, my life would be so much more difficult.

Next, I wonder if he noticed that when I folded the laundry on the table, I happened to stack his laundry by her spot on the table without even thinking. Oops!

Then I think hmmm…maybe the problem is that he saw me touch her before folding the laundry.

Or, I wonder, did I put the clean clothes in the wrong spot in his room? I never quite know what the right spot is. I’m not aware of what all is contaminated and what isn’t.

At this point a decision must be made. Should I take the clean clothes out of the hamper and put them into his drawers and hope that he never finds out that I did that? Because if he does, then I’ve risked contaminating his entire dresser.

Should I put them on the top of his dresser and play his little game? They would go back in the hamper. I would take them out again. It would be a never ending cycle. A battle of the wills. Who would win, OCD or me?

Should I rewash them? It makes more laundry but it would be the safest option.

The decisions one has to make! The thought process behind these decisions…if I do this, will that happen, or should I do that and this will happen?

Sometimes it makes me just plain weary.

Another interesting thing that I’ll find is clothes hidden in different places. I’ll ask him “Sweetie, when I was making your bed today, why did I find a shirt hidden between your mattress and your box spring?”

The answer is always related to OCD. There is always a reason behind it all.

“You hugged her then touched it!”….or, “Dad touched it when it was in my room and therefore it’s contaminated because he hugged her earlier!”…or, “She brushed up against me and I had to rip it off my body and hide it somewhere right away! And oh by the way, I’ll only wear it if you wash it 3 times (more about that in a future post). But even then, I might not wear it.”

And to be honest, at that point it’s almost easier just to consider that item of clothing blacklisted.

My poor son has to live his life with this monster controlling him. I get frustrated, but what about him? He must be doubly frustrated.

But I have hope. I pray daily for it. If I didn’t have it, I would be a bitter, angry person, and that wouldn’t benefit my family much.

Maybe someday I will be able to do laundry without cringing as I think about what would happen if he found out that I mix everyone’s laundry together.

Maybe someday I’ll be able to fold the clothes on the table and not worry about where I stack his clothes.

Maybe someday our son will learn some ways to control his OCD bully.