Our time as the partial hospitalization program has finished! Our son started with the ERP therapy while he was in the program and his therapist is now continuing it with him.

His therapist tells us that our son wants to do the exposures himself. He doesn’t even want us to talk to him about them because he perceives that as us punishing him. So we are trying not to bring them up.

This is hard for us. We’ve been so involved this whole time. We’ve been fighting for him. We’ve sought all the treatment. Now we are being told that we have to sit on the sidelines and wait this out.

But on the other hand, isn’t our job as parents supposed to be preparing our children to go out into the big, bad world on their own sometime? Don’t we want them to learn life lessons like perseverance, independence, confidence and patience?

So although I know this is the right and the best thing for him, I still feel a little sad. I want to nurture him. I want to walk with him on this journey through ERP. I want to be there for him every single little step of the way.

But by allowing him to be in control of fighting the OCD and doing his exposures without us reminding him, we are letting our son gain the tools he will need as he navigates his way through life with OCD. OCD will follow him wherever he goes. It will always be lurking, waiting for the right moment to attack him again. He needs to be able to fight it off without our help!

It’s time for us to loosen our tight grip.