Father’s Day is almost here, and I want to take this opportunity to write about what an amazing dad my husband is.

For years, our son has had many different negative behaviors and aversions to things pop up out of nowhere. My husband started attacking these behaviors.

And do you know how he did it?!

He made our son face his fears. He had him touch things that he didn’t want to touch. He made him accept that our answers to his questions would not be exactly what he wanted them to be. So because of my husband’s persistence, we began playing this game in our life…it was called Whack-A-Mole. We’d get rid of one habit and the next one would come barging in, threatening to settle in and make itself a constant presence.

My husband worked with our son very slowly. That’s another cool thing about it. He didn’t force our son to quit these habits cold turkey. He just very gradually steered him away from his thinking and behaviors.

So here we are, years later, learning about Exposure and Response Prevention therapy (ERP). And I am amazed to learn that my husband has basically been doing this therapy for years with our son! I know I wouldn’t have been able to struggle through breaking our son of all these habits. But he did it faithfully. Another behavior has popped up? No problem, we will find a way to expose him to it or not accommodate it!

But being able to break our son of his habits was not going to last forever. While my husband was usually successful in his attempts, one thing he couldn’t seem to get rid of was his aversion to his sister. This one kept popping back up. And last fall, when we noticed it getting worse instead of better despite our efforts to stop it in it’s tracks, we knew it was time to look for an expert. It goes to show that this is a true illness that can’t be reasoned away.

But for the time it lasted, and for all of his tireless efforts…I am so thankful. God blessed our children with an amazing dad who would do anything for them.