In my opinion, finding the right therapist isĀ as important as receiving the right diagnosis. So you can imagine how happy we were when we found an amazing therapist for our son.

Here are some of the things we like about our son’s therapist, and I would recommend looking for when searching for a therapist for your child.

He was easy to talk to from the beginning, even during our first phone conversation. And from our first meeting, we felt very comfortable with him. We had already seen several therapists over the years and knew that if we weren’t feeling comfortable with him, it wouldn’t go well. The fact is that you will be asking the therapist a lot of questions. You don’t want to have to feel stupid for asking questions, and you want someone who will gladly answer them!

Anyone who knows my husband will know what I mean when I say another important characteristic for us was that he had a plan, and it included ERP! My husband is very organized and likes to have plans in place. The therapist told us exactly what he would be doing to help our son. He explained to us that he first needed to have our son on board with the fact that he has this illness. Once he was on board, they would start ERP. One thing that I still remember was him assuring us that he would never ask our son to do something that he wouldn’t do himself. That made us feel so much better about the ERP therapy.

Another thing that was so important to us was finding someone who kept us in the loop on what was going on with our son in therapy. Other therapists would call our son into their office and send him out at the end, never letting us know how things were going. But this therapist said from the beginning that we would be actively involved, and we are!

And along with that … he has assured us many times that he is here for our family too. My husband and I get so much out of talking with him! When we started meeting with him, we were floundering. We were fighting. We disagreed on how to handle things. I was too soft on our son in my husband’s opinion. He was too harsh on our son in my opinion. We love each other, but OCD can put so much stress on the entire family that we didn’t know how much longer we could go on without help!

So seeing an expert regularly who was able to take certain situations that we presented to him and tell us how he felt that we could better address them…priceless! Best thing that could have happened to our whole family. It definitely helped us to have more peace in our home.

Patience is another strength that we appreciate seeing in our son’s therapist. We met with him for several months before we started the partial hospitalization program that our son is currently enrolled in. Our son was barely putting effort into progressing, but his therapist was very patient with him.

When our son completes this partial hospitalization program, we can leave the facility with the comfort of knowing that we won’t be on our own. We have a therapist that will continue to help us fight this OCD bully.

Eventually another family will take our weekly time slot with “our” therapist. We won’t see him as much and someday we might be forgotten. But we will never forget him. He has made such a positive impact on our family in so many ways.

Parents, if you can’t say these things about your child’s therapist, please search for another one! It is so important to have a good therapist!