This is an excellent question. If not all therapists perform ERP, why would you want to choose it? Isn’t traditional talk therapy good enough?

While talk therapy can be valuable for treating some mental health disorders, it has not shown to be effective at treating OCD. But according to the International OCD Foundation (www.iocdf.com), about 70% of people will benefit from ERP for OCD.

Janet Singer, author of Overcoming OCD: A Journey to Recovery explains in an article on mentalhelp.net (linked below) why ERP is more effective than talk therapy. She says “…talk therapy often exacerbates OCD. Talking about their fears over and over and reassuring OCD sufferers only adds fuel to the fire. OCD is not something rational that can be discussed. It is a neurologically based anxiety disorder. In fact, a study done in 2007 showed that OCD sufferers had less gray matter in the areas of the brain associated with suppressing responses. Telling someone with OCD not to worry is like telling someone with asthma to stop having trouble breathing. It isn’t possible.”