I just want to write a quick post about a few things that really warmed my heart today.

My son got to go salmon fishing with his dad and grandpa today. They caught 3 keepers! He was beaming when he came home and told me about it! I love to see him smile.

Then, his youngest sister noticed he was home and went running to him. She told him all about how much she had missed him this morning and she asked him for a kiss for an owie. He was in his glory!

And the last thing….I had ordered a children’s book online that told the story of a little girl with OCD and what some of her thoughts were. It came a couple days ago and my girls just sat down to read it today.

As they read it, I listened in amazement at how they were discussing the things they read. At one point they called me in there. They were curious if their brother ever wondered if someone would die. They said this little girl thought her sister would die if she didn’t do certain things.

I had to tread lightly here. We obviously haven’t told our daughter that he thinks the more exposure he has to her, the sooner he will die.

I carefully explained that he does think that he will die if he doesn’t cover his nose with his shirt. I told them about the lies that his brain tells him. And I said that even though it doesn’t make much sense to us, it is a real fear in his mind.

They had lots of questions. And they said they were so glad they had read the book. They wondered if there were any other books about that girl or any other books about kids with OCD.

The sweetest moment … when I was explaining to them about how their brother is completely convinced that he will die if he doesn’t do certain things, I looked at his oldest sister and noticed tears in her eyes.

This is the sister that he treats like utter dirt. OCD tells him she is bad for him. OCD tells him that she would like it if he died.

I asked her, “Honey, what are you thinking?”

She told me that she was wishing he didn’t have to deal with OCD because she loves him so much and doesn’t like it that he has such a sad life.

Oh my heart. I can’t even begin to explain to you what it felt like to hear her say that.

That moment will forever be etched in my memory. The sun was shining, the day was warm, the scent of spring was in the air and the birds were chirping.

And my daughter reminded me what unconditional love looks like.